Business Intelligence Analysts
A business intelligence analyst, also known as a BI analyst, uses data and other information to help organizations make sound business decisions, including: Breaking down key business data, Interpreting the data and Sharing findings


Here are some of the leading data science careers that you can break into:


Linkedin reported that data scientists are the promising job in America for 2019.

IBM predicts demand for data scientists will soar 28% by 2020; 59% of demand is in Finance and Insurance, Professional Services, and IT, while 39% of positions require Master or Ph.D degrees in the related fields.

Gartner says that the strongest demand for data science talents comes from non-IT departments.

The salaries and jobs of data scientists remain stable even in the face of Covid-19.

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) was commissioned by HK Government to build Data Technology Hub in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, with the vision to evolve Hong Kong into a data economy and drive industrial upgrades. Also, the Hong Kong Government has set up AIR@InnoHK, which will focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technologies, covering big data analytics, machine learning, cognitive systems, and intelligent agents. Big data analysts are one of the top-five most demanding jobs in Hong Kong, according to a press in January 2020.

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5大最有前景行業2020 網絡保安、大數據分析缺人才 轉工薪酬可高3成


Students will gain opportunities from Department of Statistics and Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Some of the government agencies and companies in which our students have had internships are:

Opportunties are offered from world-class universities in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and others.


Census and Statistics Department NG, Siu Yan, BSc in Statistics

For this internship programme, I was assigned to the Science and Technology Section of the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD). This section mainly collects statistics that reflect public technology usage and the status of innovation in Hong Kong.

One of my major tasks was to manage a large database by creating a new user interface in Microsoft Access. To complete this task, I had to learn to use Access VBA and SQL, which were completely new to me. At first, this was quite challenging, as my weakness lies in programming, and I had to learn these languages on my own. However, with the assistance of colleagues, I adapted to the programming work. I was also assigned a research job that involved collecting and summarizing information to serve as a quick reference for survey interviewers during the data collection process. From these tasks, I learned not only new programming skills, but also how the Science and Technology Section processes various surveys.

I also gained a lot of knowledge from my supervisor at CUHK, Professor Fang Xiao. I was required to analyze a dataset on COVID-19 in Hong Kong to estimate and predict the number of daily cases. Although I found this difficult, by following my supervisor’s instructions I was able to complete the task and write a report on the foundations of the data analysis. This helped me to gain a deeper understanding of statistical techniques.The Professional Attachment Programme is generally very good.

This programme offers an ideal opportunity for students who want to gain more working experience and understand the work of the C&SD.